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China has maintained the first place in the global total automobile production and sales and the total production and sales of new energy vehicles for 14 and 8 consecutive years, and has been one of the largest commercial vehicle production and sales countries in the world. The growth of new car production and sales and ownership has also led to the prosperity of the used car market, and the used car business has also moved a huge space for the new car market, and vigorously promoting the used car business has become a major event for the country and the people.

Shenzhen Tongda Automobile Market Management Co., Ltd. has been engaged in second-hand commercial vehicle recycling and sales for nearly 20 years, with a total asset scale of more than 300 million yuan. It is the operation and management side of the well-known second-hand commercial vehicle trading platform "Tiantong Bus" and "Tongda Bus", and has a strong influence in the industry.

Through years of professional operation, Tongda has accumulated a large number of industry elites, and has rich experience in the recycling, inspection, evaluation, sales, leasing, handover, and transfer of used commercial vehicles, especially buses. It can customize personalized programs for customers such as trade-in, leasing, sale and buyback. With the concept of echelon vehicles to support the long-term low-cost and efficient operation of highway, bus and tourist passenger transport customers, it has become the mainstay in the field of domestic used bus asset disposal.